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May 20, 2020

Title: Independent Thinking and the core with Dr. Paul Juris Ed.D.

Exercise Science Insider ep #12


This is a conversation on independent thinking about the core with Dr Paul Juris Ed.D.


Paul is a noted kinesiologist specializing in education, motor skill development, sports performance enhancement, rehabilitation, and intuitive program development. He has also provided extensive sports development, rehabilitation and education consulting for organizations including the NBA, NHL, USTA, US Cycling Federation, the PGA and US Equestrian Team.  Paul was previously Vice President of Science and Education at PGA Kinematics Lab.  He served as Director of the Equinox Fitness Training Institute.  He was also the Chief Science Officer at Cybex International for 9.5 years.


A strong core has long been THE main goal of many people enthusiastic about fitness . It seems that we’ve been conditioned to believe that the “six pack” is the embodiment of health and athletic performance. This belief has covered up the true essentials of movement which seems to have little to none scientific relevance to throwing medicine balls and planks.


I have a lot of questions about the ‘core’ because the more I learn about the science of the core the more I realize that the use of this term is deleterious and how the fitness industry has failed the consumers. 


Here are the topics covered in this episode:

  • Fixation on a ‘strong core’
  • Education facilitation for learning about the core
  • What are some important things to know about measuring core movements or strength
  • EMG studies 

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