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A Podcast Network Dedicated to Effective Thinking for Potent Exercise.
Our current offering consists of three shows that will help bring your limitless fitness potential within reach by teaching you how to think outside the box and into the undertones of exercise.
Think Fit. Be Fit. is released on Mondays, Fitness for Consumption is released on Wednesdays and Peach Pit Fitness is released on the first Monday of every month. 
Our host roster have over 70+ years of experience in exercise science, personal training, athletic training, kinesiology and innovating throughout the fitness industry.
This ongoing conversation about the nuances of training will help trainers, coaches and fitness lovers connect deeper to their exercise and the process of exercise science. Let's create a new conversation about exercise!

Jun 20, 2018

Jenn is hosting her weightlifting coach Rachel for a talk on building trust and confidence with the body through weightlifting.  This is packed full of vision, reflection, humility and commitment.

Weightlifting in this sense is Olympic Lifting.  The conversation is about empowerment of a strong physical body and the fat...

Jun 6, 2018

Can you imagine having your own exercise guidebook with notes tailored for your body? In this episode of Lab of You, we’ll show you how to get started writing your book or how to improve what you already have. Fitness beginners and experienced lifters alike will benefit from this new way of thinking about exercise.


Jun 6, 2018

There’s no way to prove what is ‘proper stretching technique’. So why is stretching advice handed out to everyone that kicks a ball or steps into a gym?  Jenn Schwartz of Impact Your Fitness has been asking this question for years.  This episode and references below speak for itself.  Jenn talks through how her...