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A Podcast Network Dedicated to Effective Thinking for Potent Exercise.
Our current offering consists of three shows that will help bring your limitless fitness potential within reach by teaching you how to think outside the box and into the undertones of exercise.
Think Fit. Be Fit. is released on Mondays, Fitness for Consumption is released on Wednesdays and Peach Pit Fitness is released on the first Monday of every month. 
Our host roster have over 70+ years of experience in exercise science, personal training, athletic training, kinesiology and innovating throughout the fitness industry.
This ongoing conversation about the nuances of training will help trainers, coaches and fitness lovers connect deeper to their exercise and the process of exercise science. Let's create a new conversation about exercise!

Nov 29, 2021

What happens when an Athletic Trainer realizes concussion protocols and muscle system care is extremely outdated in fighting sports?  They innovate from their experience, knowledge base, ask questions to find a new path forward.  

This episode might be short but it deserves to be on it’s own because Jenn and Arash...

Nov 17, 2021

If you’ve been following along this season, here’s a recap; we introduced the notion of skill, defined what it is to be skillful, identified types of skills, based on their constituent parts, discussed the merits of whole, part or sequential practice, and finally, explored emotional affect and its impact on...

Nov 15, 2021

Exercise has an important role in our future health, but can modern medicine integrate exercise and lifestyle factors?  One of the answers to that question is in this episode.

This conversation moves from how we think about exercise to elevating healthcare and challenging the patterns of conventional medicine.  


Nov 3, 2021

Ready to be aroused?  We’re not sure what you’re thinking, but we’re talking about skill here!  Simply put, our ability to perform gross or fine motor skills is determined, in part, by how well we manage our state of arousal.  Are we “locked in” and ready to go, or hyperstimulated, anxious and stressed? ...

Nov 1, 2021

Box Jumps seem quite simple, face the box and smoothly launch yourself on top of it. 

Since these jumps are deemed 'full body exercises',, Fitness Influencers and experienced trainers alike use them in various ways.  The claims for using them range from ‘functional strength’ to explosive strength to blasting fat. ...