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May 1, 2019

Those of us with previous injuries can’t afford to waste time in the gym on what we ’think’ should be working, The ability to maintain and gain physical strength for our entire body is not born from a reactive or passive process.  This episode is dedicated to exercises that create a healing stimulus, which belongs in your Active Recovery routine in order to perform well on all aspects of your fitness for the long-term.


Benefits to having Active Recovery part of your workout regimen:

  • The opportunity to rehearse exercises that are difficult and work on the pieces of full performance of that exercise
  • Improving the chances of consistent exercise and exercise longevity by preventing a lot of muscle soreness
  • Improving flexibility & strength
  • Building resistance to injury

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Why NSAIDS are a bad idea for muscle soreness
  • 2 concepts that most trainers and therapists do not teach when it comes to managing chronic injury
  • Why tendon strength and recovery might matter more than muscle recovery
  • Being specific and detailed is the foundation for making your efforts worthwhile in Active Recovery.  
  • Building resistance to injury by being specific about the decisions of taking a proactive approach not only in our intention but in our effort at helping our body recover from exercise


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