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Our current offering consists of three shows that will help bring your limitless fitness potential within reach by teaching you how to think outside the box and into the undertones of exercise.
Think Fit. Be Fit. is released on Mondays, Fitness for Consumption is released on Wednesdays and Peach Pit Fitness is released on the first Monday of every month. 
Our host roster have over 70+ years of experience in exercise science, personal training, athletic training, kinesiology and innovating throughout the fitness industry.
This ongoing conversation about the nuances of training will help trainers, coaches and fitness lovers connect deeper to their exercise and the process of exercise science. Let's create a new conversation about exercise!

Mar 27, 2019

Jenn and Arash (AJ) are pretty convinced that most people don’t know how good their body is designed to feel.  Embracing the ME-search research strategy can help anyone exercise with more precision. This is a key concept if you desire the enlightenment of being in control of your health and exercise.


This episode is all about exploring curiosity and applying exercise science to being innovative and precise with your exercise.  The question is, do you have the work ethic to make it a reality?


What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • a thought process that supports long term athletic and resiliency development
  • vital points for working through injury recovery and implementing solid training practices.
  • injury recovery advice from a licensed Athletic Trainer about an unknown brain injury consideration
  • finding a balance between challenging yourself and being good to yourself
  • some boss warm-up tips that combine high level lateral thinking and neurological training stimulus

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