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Sep 20, 2021

There is not much useful substance in a long list of ‘ab’ exercises. Core training myths have infected the fitness industry’s ability to teach exercise in a meaningful way.  Today’s episode is a beacon for a better understanding of our core exercise parameters and strategy.

Fitness has been oversimplified for too long. Jennifer shares her beliefs about core training and her perspective that an oversimplified view of exercise has created a mainstream fitness culture full of cheap, palatable information without substance.  

Jenn goes into 6 Core Training Myths and even shares a story from her clinic about a basketball player's post surgery back pain and core training .  

Items discussed:

  • Learn the critical thinking tools Jenn uses when scrolling the internet
  • Is the core really the starting point of all movement?
  • Is there really a best exercise for training the core?
  • Is one core muscle more important than another?
  • Expanded thoughts on why ‘sucking in your belly button’ is not helping your stability
  • How compression is a necessity when considering core functionality

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