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Jul 4, 2018

In this episode of Lab of You- the best ways to warm up- Jenn covers the necessity of a warm-up that can help with injury prevention and priming a meaningful workout.  Jenn Schwartz of Impact Your Fitness, believes that exercise can be enjoyable, healthy, fun, and beneficial without being painful or questionable.  


You don't need to reinvent the wheel to formulate a quality warm-up.  It can be as simple as being more precise in your workout intentions and implementing a congruent and progressive exercise strategy.


Think of warm ups as transitions- mentally and physically- to a health-inducing or arduous sport-arousing workout.


Here's the 3 step process with the end in mind that exercise should feel good and that some self-experimentation could be the key to a solid warm-up.

  1.  Compare and take note of your 'range of motion', what's available on the left side of the body vs the right and vice versa
  2.  Mobilize the tight areas, if necessary, and identify the safe zone for moving optimally
  3.  Optimize the body to move well with the methods of 'Priming', Movement Pathway' or 'Pre-gaming'


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Here’s a rundown of episode #07

1:20 Seamless transition vs the traditional way of mindless jumping around or 'cardio'

4:00 Depends on the goal!

check out the Exercise Continuum episode

5:40 Warming-up with injury prevention in mind

8:50 With the end in mind- the warm-up with overall exercise satisfaction in mind.

9:40 Self experimentation for your warm-up directive- tapping into self improvement to find the best warm-up for your goals

12:50 3 ways to focus your warm-ups

19:00 Do you respond negatively to workouts? Build a safety context for your nervous system before working out

21:00 Priming with isometrics and Post Activation Potentiation

(I went on a praising rant on the isometrics, they're the best!)

This is my most used isometric for myself and clients


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