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Our host roster have over 70+ years of experience in exercise science, personal training, athletic training, kinesiology and innovating throughout the fitness industry.
This ongoing conversation about the nuances of training will help trainers, coaches and fitness lovers connect deeper to their exercise and the process of exercise science. Let's create a new conversation about exercise!

Sep 19, 2018

It’s easier to enjoy exercise when you set yourself up for success in an environment that suits you. Finding that environment (race course, in the mud, on the beach, in the gym) means exploring and experimenting.

This episode is a conversation with Jenn Schwartz and Rachel Garmon. While it’s full of laughter about Rachel’s miserable running stories, it also has an important message. When it comes to being in control of your physical fitness, learning and taking calculated risks transforms fear to courage and uncertainty to confidence.  The opposite, staying complacent and drifting, might be one of the reasons many people end up with exercise related injuries and why millions of hours in the gym are fruitless.

Rachel and Jenn mention ‘broken people’ and failing in pursuit of goals.  They also mention breaking through mental barriers and a successful zero miles to a marathon training story.  Please enjoy and share your stories with #thinkfitbefit hashtag.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • Exercise and chronic disease have a common denominator.  
  • Taking risks with exercise can be a good or bad thing.
  • Training smart takes more planning, but the results will pay for the long-term

Featured on the show:

If you or a family member suffers from chronic pain, I recommend watching this 5 minute video about the brain and pain.