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Jul 25, 2018

Finding the right balance in your warm-up can be confusing.  Join Jenn and Katie on a discussion of finding the right amount of body awareness, ensuring exercise safety, and building confidence to take some risk despite old injuries.  


In this episode of Lab of Us Jenn talks with her Muscle Activation Techniques™ colleague, Katie Wiggs of Indianapolis.  Katie is not only an MAT™ specialist with a holistic approach to full-body wellness and pain-free exercise, she is an experienced endurance athlete and obstacle race competitor.  


Jenn and Katie offer sage advice on overcoming obstacles, mental and physical, when it comes to formulating a good warm-up.  They also dive into a specific type of strength training, Progressive Loading or Progressive Overloading that Katie and Jenn both believe is the secret to a strong body and gym longevity.


As you listen, keep an ear out for these highlights throughout the Podcast:

2:15 meet Katie Wiggs, Master Level MAT™ specialist in Indianapolis, Be Your own Superhero

9:15 The big ideas of warming-up: Progressive Loading, Pre-Game, Movement Pathways and Priming

11:30 A mindful warm-up is the best place to start, what's your goal for today?

15:20 The downside of being too mindful!  The mental game of getting over a weakness

20: Strength is a solid foundation that will make a the routine of transitioning to a kick ass workout/event

28:00 Dealing with mental blocks

30:00 Progressive loading

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Katie in Indianapolis


Jenn in the Washington DC and area