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Mar 10, 2021

Ask any avid runner what they think about treadmills and they will say...potentially anything!  And for good reason.  Treadmills, like many fitness products, have their polarized camps of promoters and detractors.  Some say treadmills are more effective for conducting highly popular High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts, while others say treadmills are a lazier option, as the belt does the work for you.  Can both perspectives be right?  And while some treadmill criticisms are reasonable, do they apply to all treadmills?  After all, not all treadmills are designed equally!  If you have questions about these disputatious devices, listen to this episode in which we discuss the science and research about treadmills, and then decide for yourself if they’re worth a Run For The Money.

In this episode we discuss:

  • The most common opposing views on treadmills
  • The components of the issues; kinematics, kinetics and running economy
  • The reason different studies may show different results
  • Whether treadmills belong in the Fitness Eco-System



Coefficient of Restitution - the ratio of the final vs initial velocity of two objects after they collide


Gait - a pattern of limb movements made during locomotion


Ground Reaction Forces - the force exerted by the ground against a body in contact with it


Kinematics - branch of mechanics concerned with the motion of objects without reference to the forces causing them


Kinetics - the study of forces acting on objects


Relative Motion - the motion of one body with respect to another

Running Economy - energy demand for a given velocity of submaximal running









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