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Aug 19, 2020

The trendiness of glute exercises and showcasing a well built behind is here to stay.  This episode is packed with insights on how women can efficiently build muscle in the legs, hips and glutes. 


Jenn features her training philosophy, reflections and why working with a barbell is essential for her.  We are also featuring two experts in the field of strength training and conditioning that can support women of all sizes to build the body of their dreams.  


Topics discussed:

  • Different ways to strengthen the hamstrings, glutes and hips
  • Hip thrusts, squats and eccentric exercises
  • ACL reconstruction and arthritis
  • Bone health for women
  • Hip injuries in women
  • Health optimization and toxic loads in the body
  • Class format of the Lift Lab at Ascent Cycle
  • Myths of training glutes


Links of interest:

Jenn and Ryan throwback from March

Jenn's practice in Alexandria Virginia- Holistic injury care and performance wellness

Jenn's instagram and twitter

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