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Jan 18, 2021

Exercise and the exercise experience is being rebranded.  It’s not solely about the biological fat loss and physical mechanics anymore. This episode explores personal training from an emotional perspective, Pain Science and how exercise can open your heart to help us change.

Jennifer and Keith Shimon discuss his toolbox, client-facing changes, challenges and excitement and how he changed his view on coaching and exercise as a veteran gym owner, muscle therapist and coach.  Keith Shimon is the co-owner of Body Activation in Wisconsin 

If you are a trainer, this episode will be an insight on a big change in fitness which is working from a foundation of communication and the Bio-Pscyho-Social model of working in any health field.

If you are an exercise enthusiast, this conversation will present something more than motivation in personal training and that the idea of hiring a personal trainer just to lose 10lbs is cutting yourself short.

If you are from our corner of the fitness world, you will enjoy how Jennifer and Keith indulge in the idea that fitness can be so much more than the time spent in the gym or with your weights.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Recognizing bias in the fitness industry and during exercise
  • Blocking and integrating emotions during exercise
  • Long-term thinking and integrating life into exercise
  • How pain and unhealthy body relationships can change
  • Language during exercise (this is different from cueing and instruction)

Links of interest:

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Mark England 


 free daily practice called "Simply Move" :

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Book links mentioned during the show.

In search of Memory by Eric Kandel

Pain Science Mind Maps

Explain Pain by David Butler

Phantom Pain by VS Ramachandran

Puzzle Pain by Ronald Melzack

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