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May 23, 2018

Why do we constantly chase after a goal in our fitness endeavors? Perhaps we are reaching for the flow state.

In this episode of “Lab of Us,” I had the opportunity to speak with Robyn Kenney, a Hall of Famer, former international athlete, peak performance expert and mental training coach.  She is the lead instructor at MindBody Athletics in Alexandria, Virginia, where she offers private sessions and team-based training for coaches and athletes. Robyn also frequently provides organizations a four-week mindfulness courses on-location.

One of Think Fit. Be Fit.’s goals is to explore the facets that make exercise magical. While there’s no question that our bodies can positively respond to exercise, creating a healthy relationship with longevity-focused exercise needs to include fun and play. The tool that can make this a reality is called flow state.  

Flow state is an engaged and connected state of consciousness. Harnessing the flow state in a positive way can be the secret ingredient to success, high performance, and a healthy social life. The combination of intentional exercise and flow state will create a potent and engaging effect on your exercise, so in this episode, we will talk through how to get there and note tips for applying it in several aspects of your exercise.  

As you listen, keep an ear out for these highlights throughout the Podcast:

1:35 Hello Robyn- mental training coach and former international athlete

5:39 Flow state enemies

7:21 Definition of Flow State

8:43 - FYI the app is Headspace not as Jenn say's "Mindspace"  

13: 46 What's Your Flow State? Take the quiz here

15:00 The 3 ingredients to the Flow State, read more here

19:14 Mind Muscle Connection blog, read more here

22:20 Natural negativity bias

23: 30 Best metaphor- Your mind is a fertile garden

27:25 Getting out of a rut

35:12 Low grade flow state and high-grade flow state

33:00 Medical clearance is necessary in many cases


I also mention a few links in this episode, so here they are:

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