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Think Fit. Be Fit.
Effective thinking for potent workouts
Think Fit. Be Fit. podcast is dedicated to optimizing exercise and overall human function.  It is best described as the intersection of exercise mechanics, muscle expertise, and embracing curiosity.  The human body is a wonderful teacher if you know how to listen to it, being open and having fun is part of that process.
Jennifer Schwartz, hostess and founder of Impact Your Fitness and Impact Sport Science Group has helped hundreds of athletes and people around Washington DC move without pain and exercise to their fullest potential.  
This podcast is important because people are missing out on living a better life because they don't understand that body awareness is a combination of taking feedback, listening, and learning.  It is not a practice of self-judgement and societal expectations.  Don't choose unhappiness over uncertainty.  Embrace the process!

May 13, 2020

Have you ever thought that the learning of a motion is one of the biggest components of an exercise experience? 

Chris Verdi of Core Restore New Jersey and Jenn have spent time on his patented training system, The Core Restore.  This truly unique apparatus has a lot to offer anyone willing to try a new way to activate movements or muscles.  This includes  body building competitors, an athlete recovering from an injury, dedicated clients with pain and many more.

They discuss learning movement and feeling connected in an exercise like never before (you'll have to see it, to believe it on instagram) and case studies that are underway. 

Check out Chris and The Core Restore on instagram, YouTube and in gorgeous Asbury Park, New 

You can receive a personal demo by contacting Core Restore at 

You can reach Jenn at, on instagram at

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