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Feb 22, 2021

“A single bout of exercise alters 9,815 molecules in our blood”

New York Times PhysEd headline, June 2020

The new “Love to Move” episodes are dedicated to being more in love with exercise.  Today’s episode on Myokines and all sorts of other chemicals is here to aspire the how and why of using this groundbreaking science to embody a love affair with exercise.  After all, exercising muscle does more than burn calories!  Exercising muscle is a symphony of interactions that can change the trajectory of your health.


You can choose to empower yourself to exercise. Burpeeing yourself to exhaustion will have more purpose. A win-win for your physical confidence and health!


  • Through the lens of research that supports the muscular system's ability to have influence in immunity, longevity and disease prevention we can choose more fulfilling exercise and wellness routines.
  • Being intellectually stimulated by exercise
  • Highlight a pioneer in exercise physiology and neurobiology, Dr. Pederson, she is a real she-hero.
  • Molecular responses to exercise
  • Myokines 
  • Goal setting and different perspectives on goal setting  
  • Virtual studio announcements

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Contrepois, K., Wu, S., Moneghetti, K. J., Hornburg, D., Ahadi, S., Tsai, M. S., Metwally, A. A., Wei, E., Lee-McMullen, B., Quijada, J. V., Chen, S., Christle, J. W., Ellenberger, M., Balliu, B., Taylor, S., Durrant, M. G., Knowles, D. A., Choudhry, H., Ashland, M., Bahmani, A., … Snyder, M. P. (2020). Molecular Choreography of Acute Exercise. Cell, 181(5), 1112–1130.e16.

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