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Jan 2, 2019

Today’s episode is all about the ups and downs of squats (wow, dad joke). When executed well, squats can pay big dividends in health and wellness. The potential benefits are vast, which includes improving athletic performance, overall muscular health and flexibility.


A loaded squat can be a high reward, high risk exercise.  The most admirable characteristics of the squat also make it inappropriate and dangerous for others.  


Join us today for a look at this queen of an exercise and to possibly arrive one step closer to a more fine-grained analysis of what separates exercise that is effective and intelligent from being stuck in an injury-inflammation cycle.  


Rachel and Jenn have experience in several aspects of squat analysis.  Jenn discusses it from her own story ,expertise in post- rehabilitative exercise and muscle mechanics.  Rachel discusses it from a competitive weight lifting athlete, coach, and personal training point of view.  


What you’ll learn in this episode:

Progressions and insider information from the weightlifting and MAT perspective

  • The crazy ride that made Jenn semi-obsessed with squats

  • Superficial fitness hopes and outcomes aren’t good enough

  • Quality  of squats is important

  • Squat terminology and tips

  • The expected transfers in strength and speed for embracing squat variations

  • Instagram squats look very different from strong and braced squats


Links of interest:


Box jump youtube link


Our list of squats and visual references

Front squat visual and assessment

Rachel-before/after MAT picture

3 days out from a meet

Compare post

Neutral squat position

Quality squat post on bracing