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Oct 31, 2018

The foundations of good health are quality sleeping, eating, and breathing.  We believe that exercise is a lens to visualize and live your most healthy life, however without spending time on education about your sleep you are potentially not going to enjoy being fit.  

The bottom line is clear.  Use our resources to learn more about your sleep!

If you are attempting to lose weight- sleep impacts your hormones

If you are attempting to gain strength- sleep impacts your ability to grow muscle

If you are attempting to exercise 3 days per week and have a full time job- sleep impacts your memory, mood, and attention span.  

Today’s episode Sleep and Recovery are no joke is essentially a warm-up for a deep conversation on the importance of sleep, nutrition and rest.  


Jenn is hosting Dr. Miranda Wall of @downwardfacingdoc to discuss the importance of sleep and recovery.  


Links of interest:

Study on athletes and sleep

Chronic inflammation and sleep

Sleep book recommendations


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