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Think Fit. Be Fit.
Effective thinking for potent workouts
Think Fit. Be Fit. podcast is dedicated to optimizing exercise and overall human function.  It is best described as the intersection of exercise mechanics, muscle expertise, and embracing curiosity.  The human body is a wonderful teacher if you know how to listen to it, being open and having fun is part of that process.
Jennifer Schwartz, hostess and founder of Impact Your Fitness and Impact Sport Science Group has helped hundreds of athletes and people around Washington DC move without pain and exercise to their fullest potential.  
This podcast is important because people are missing out on living a better life because they don't understand that body awareness is a combination of taking feedback, listening, and learning.  It is not a practice of self-judgement and societal expectations.  Don't choose unhappiness over uncertainty.  Embrace the process!

Jun 6, 2018

There’s no way to prove what is ‘proper stretching technique’. So why is stretching advice handed out to everyone that kicks a ball or steps into a gym?  Jenn Schwartz of Impact Your Fitness has been asking this question for years.  This episode and references below speak for itself.  Jenn talks through how her experience with anatomy and 1000’s of hours helping people with muscle flexibility concerns shaped her philosophy on stretching.  



1:33 The word stretch is misused!

3:15 Sensation of stretching vs. reality

4:16 6 myths about stretching, “Stretching debunked” by Paul Ing

7:30 Research and stretching- how much exists?

10:35  Definition of stretching

13:00 What’s the difference between a hamstring stretch and a deadlift?

14:30 Underperforming muscles contribute to the ‘need’ to stretch

17: 56 One of my replacements for general stretching advice



“Quite a Stretch” by Paul Ingraham.  This link contains several references that

“We are Stretching for all the wrong reasons” by Sarah Berry


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