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Jul 4, 2018

As if exercise isn't good enough- when perceived benefits are matched with specific and perhaps measurable goals there are even more wins.  In this episode Jenn Schwartz of Impact Your Fitness and Producer Ted talk through a little known phenomena called Post Activation Potentiation and how to get it into your warm-up strategy.

Most of us know that a good warm-up can contribute to a safe workout.  That might be just well enough for some people, but for those of us that want to feel and look good, the warm-up time is a great opportunity to take advantage of the 'human adaptation machine'.  The best warm-ups for our exercise can occur when science and sound logic create a simple sophisticated muscle activation upgrade that enhances your workout, insures you against injury and elicits health-inducing benefits.

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Here’s a rundown of episode #08

11:40 Warming up ideas that stick with us

14:00 #SpockyourWarmup  when you want health benefits and hormone production and maybe even body composition exercise directives

19:40 PAP history and definition, PAP is priming the system to adapt

23:00 Jenn's short workout

32:00 the difference between feeling great and feeling that exercise is helping you feel good

40:00 Addressing muscle memory and context in a warm-up

Link of interest

Great article on PAP by Bret Contreras