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Think Fit. Be Fit.
Effective thinking for potent workouts
Think Fit. Be Fit. podcast is dedicated to optimizing exercise and overall human function.  It is best described as the intersection of exercise mechanics, muscle expertise, and embracing curiosity.  The human body is a wonderful teacher if you know how to listen to it, being open and having fun is part of that process.
Jennifer Schwartz, hostess and founder of Impact Your Fitness and Impact Sport Science Group has helped hundreds of athletes and people around Washington DC move without pain and exercise to their fullest potential.  
This podcast is important because people are missing out on living a better life because they don't understand that body awareness is a combination of taking feedback, listening, and learning.  It is not a practice of self-judgement and societal expectations.  Don't choose unhappiness over uncertainty.  Embrace the process!

Apr 15, 2020

Today’s episode is a really important one.  It covers a topic that affects someone you know or perhaps even you and it’s definitely something we are trying to avoid, which is chronic pain.   Here are some statistics:
  • 50 million Americans live with chronic pain
  • Between $500 and 630 BILLION is lost annually due to chronic pain in  America 
  • Patients experience persistent pain after routine surgery up to 50% of the time.
  • 18% of women suffer from migraine attacks.
  • Back pain is the leading reason for sick leave and early retirement in Europe. 
  • Back pain represents 27% of all types of pain.
  • 34.6% of pain patients in Canada think of suicide.
  • In N America pain accounts for 78% of all ER visits.
Meet Jen DeLorenzo a Licensed Physical Therapist, Certified Functional Manual Therapist, Therapeutic Pain Specialist, National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach.  She is based in Alexandria Virginia and aligned with Jenn's in-person practice. 
Topics discussed
  • A new way of working with Physical Therapy
  • Pain as an experience, there’s so much more to pain than our biology
  • How the environment that we are in can influence pain
  • The 4 main pillars of health for the nervous system and pain
  • Chronic pain information that most physicians don’t understand
  • What nudging with pain means

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