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A Podcast Network Dedicated to Effective Thinking for Potent Exercise.
Our current offering consists of three shows that will help bring your limitless fitness potential within reach by teaching you how to think outside the box and into the undertones of exercise.
Think Fit. Be Fit. is released on Mondays, Fitness for Consumption is released on Wednesdays and Peach Pit Fitness is released on the first Monday of every month. 
Our host roster have over 70+ years of experience in exercise science, personal training, athletic training, kinesiology and innovating throughout the fitness industry.
This ongoing conversation about the nuances of training will help trainers, coaches and fitness lovers connect deeper to their exercise and the process of exercise science. Let's create a new conversation about exercise!

Oct 11, 2021

One of the big myths in core training is that one muscle is more important than the other.

For example: videos that claim you must do leg lifts to strengthen your ‘lower abs’ or therapeutically releasing the psoas to help back pain are simply not accurate.   

Christopher Verdi, the inventor of Core Restore Training...

Oct 6, 2021

And, we’re back!  A little change of scenery is in order to kick off season 3 of Fitness for Consumption.  Catching up after a short summer break, GG offers his view from his own personal training camp while Dr. J invites us on his road trip to California.  While regaling us with a story from the road, PJ shares an...

Sep 27, 2021

The “Frog Pump” exercise has been called the “the best butt exercise” by Women’s Health Magazine and is also viewed as a ‘glute activation drill’ by many in the booty building scene.   Jenn and Meredith take a bite into these claims and they present a critique of the exercise design.

After listening to...

Sep 20, 2021

There is not much useful substance in a long list of ‘ab’ exercises. Core training myths have infected the fitness industry’s ability to teach exercise in a meaningful way.  Today’s episode is a beacon for a better understanding of our core exercise parameters and strategy.

Fitness has been oversimplified for...

Sep 13, 2021

Welcome to the first Peach Pit Fitness show, Jennifer and her new co-host Meredith Mack will dive into fitness buzzwords, workout trends or exercise through 2 segments: current trend critique and bringing back the classics of 90’s fitness. ⁠⁠

⁠⁠We aim ​to be your guides in a new commentary on how fitness...