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May 2, 2018

To create longevity in the gym one needs to be in touch with the small changes that are created because of exercise and that success is not linear.  “Lab of You” is your guide to making small changes and learning to focus on the things that matter. This episode is all about defining strength more specifically that will add value to your training.  


It is simple logic: life is easier if you are stronger. When the purpose of exercise is to become the best you can be, strength should be your first goal.


Let’s start by understanding strength. You will do better at your fitness goals – whether you’re recovering from an injury or training for a run – if you know more about your body and the depth of its vast capacities for adaptation.  


3:10 working definition of strength

5:31 window of opportunity for muscle adaptation- cycle of stress response

7:09 mind muscle connection

8:21 research -research wanted to measure strength and muscle growth *not actually awesome website- his research is reliably awesome*

12:56 muscle thresholds and how the strength is generated

15:00 tensile strength and muscle function

16:33 ideal muscle neurophysiology scenario

18:30 all cylinders firing means ‘muscle flow state’

20:35 why does this matter?


Mind Muscle Connection paper


A post about the ideal muscle neuro-physiology scenario